Director’s Message

MD, NRAI School of Mass Communication

MD, NRAI School of Mass Communication

You are about to make one of the most important decision of your life. Let us help you make the right one. While choosing a course of study after school and college, you will have to analyze yourself first, to explore ways to convert your interest, aspirations, ambitions and passion and ultimately transform them into your future career. This would require spontaneous zest and zeal from your side to search for the appropriate information, pertaining to that career. It needs comparing the various options, courses, eligibility, admission- criteria and institutes and colleges to choose the best one. I & NRAI are really delighted to take an initiative in this direction to sensitize you well enough to confidently frame a well- informed career choice in the coming months.

Globalization, by implication, means a border-less world in which individual nations are witnessing a paradigm shift in production and marketing practices on worldwide basis. Protected markets have become an anachronism and there is now a perceptible shift from the sellers market to a customer- driven market. This has necessitated a radical reorientation in corporate strategies on global scale with greater attention and importance accorded to aspects like fostering strategic business linkages, technology up-gradation and human resource- training and development.

My dream of the state-of –the-art institution comes real as I wish to share my decade long experience in imparting education to develop the skills of students. We have introduced magazine, in -house newspaper and a theatre society. Your queries and questions would be answered promptly to your satisfaction. We look forward to sharing the NRAI Experience with you. Furthermore, we are here to provide you relevant information take the right decision for the best of your future career.

With best wishes,