Alumni Network on Facebook

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FB Network of the ALUMNI of the Delhi School of Mass Communication

Here at NRAI, there is an FB Network of the ALUMNI of the Delhi School of Mass Communication. It is a great way to find and reconnect with seniors and friends from NRAI so that to grow your network by connecting with professionals in the same field you are engaging in.

And all our successful alumni are ready to share their valuable knowledge that they have gained through their experience which will be beneficial for your career and future in Journalism.

NRAI maintains a life-long connection between the Institute and its alumni on Facebook. In association with our extremely dedicated volunteer and members of NRAI, we are able to manage this network.

All the existing alumni in this network are highly active and do not step behind to share any kind of experience and expertise they have got. Furthermore, they also participate in the seminars and workshops provided by us and share their valuable experiences with the students.

The mission of this network is to create a strong bond between alumni, students and the institute to keep alumni informed and create a network that will enable students to remain engaged with their matter and help shape their future through the programs and services.

You can participate in the seminars and workshops offered by us time to time with the participation of the alumni. Our vision behind it is to enhance the skills and accomplishments of the students. Take advantages of such kind of opportunities to meet and experience the expertise of eminent masters of the industry. You will be informed about such kind of seminars on this network.

So, avail their experiences and learning connect with them on our Facebook network and follow their valuable suggestions so that you can also contribute the Media with your creativity and the knowledge you have perceived from us.