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NRAI has a motive to enlighten and enrich students with educational experience and provides a learning environment to the new generation. We offer a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the guidance of expert professionals to help you to become a professional in a prospective career. Here, you are assured of rich academic experience with complete practical exposure in your profession in order to realize your future ambitions.

NRAI offers some of the state of the art Mass Communication courses that enable our new generation to make their future in the Mass & Media sector. We offer bachelor as well as Master courses to make an individual excel in it. In the same phase, we also conduct workshops on business management, aviation, hospitality, fashion, information technology and other media-centric topics with leading business corporations.

The courses we provide are categorized into two parts. And all our courses are listed below:


I.    MA in Mass Communication
II.    Bachelor in Mass Communication
III.    PG in Mass Communication


I.    Diploma in Videography

Our team of experts guides you with all the courses that are mentioned above in the best possible and in the most advanced manner with the help of latest technologies. After the finalization of the course, you have opted, you will get a testimonial certified by NRAI. At the time of completion of the course, you will be skilled enough for getting a respected job easily as an Anchor, Reporter, Director and so on in a Media Agency, TV Channel, News Channel And News Agency as well.

All our programs and curriculum structure for all our academic courses in Media & Journalism have been certified by the Government of India for Journalism Education. All our programs are created to promote knowledge and skill of an individual so that he can serve the sector with his learning.