Top Autonomous Courses in Delhi

NRAI school of Mass communication is one of the top mass communication college in Delhi, making it a very sought after option for students for a Diploma in Videography courses. This six-month diploma course can be pursued after completing class 12th. With the highly influential and pervasive growth of media in the recent times, courses such as this one have become rather popular.

A student gets a lucrative opportunity to learn and adapt his skills in the field of digital video and high definition video. With adept training in the field of digital video, high definition video, and DSLR camera technology, a student is able to learn and grasp the skill of videography in a holistic manner. Importance is given to the array of lighting and related videography in such a manner so that a student is able to understand the essence of this field.

The course is implemented and its success is ensured through a series of lectures, live demonstrations and hands-on training by experts. In this manner, a student is able to grasp the complete skills that render him capable of making a digital film. The experienced faculty at NRAI, ensures that every student is exposed to a series of learning methods and resources that allow him to understand and perform exceptionally well in the field of videography.

The course content for this course includes a study of lenses and film formats, framing and composition of shots, basic optics and filters, shooting and editing, movie cameras, camera movements, lighting the sets, camera care routing, perspective and depth of field and more. Although these courses do not carry any affiliation to university recognition, they allow a student to progress in the digital videography field and acts as a stepping stone in his career, towards more courses.