Diploma in Videography Courses in Delhi

This program provides students with the opportunity to create projects using digital video (DV) & High Definition Video (HDV). The curriculum provides training in DV/ HDV/ DSLR camera technology & lighting. Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training, acquire the skills necessary for digital film making. Our faculty of industry professionals guide you through the process and emphasizes the skills needed to produce a quality DV/ HDV/ DSLR production from pre-production to final output.

Course Content:

1. Lenses and film formats
2. Framining and composition of shots
3. Camera and controls, mounts and adjustments
4. Basic optics and filters
5. Controlling exposure
6. Perspective and depth of field
7. Camera movements
8. Shooting for editing
9. Camera care routing
10. The movie camera
11. Types of luminaries and their mounts
12. Lights and lighting the sets
13. Extensive practical exercise for operating the camera
14. Final review / certificate distribution / farewell. in the studio and outdoors

These are the flagship courses of the institute and do not require / have any University affiliation.