PG Diploma in Mass Communication Courses in Delhi

It prepares individuals for one of the most fast growing industry of today’s time-Media Industry. It provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the mass media which will not only employ him but will also bring job satisfaction. It provides scope to individual to use his/her imagination, creativity & innovation in their assignments.

PG Diploma in Mass Communication Course is a specialization course designed for the students who are looking to excel themselves in Mass Media. By this course, a thorough guidance will be offered in Communication and Journalism theories and Mass Media Research. The syllabus is designed in the manner that the latest developments in the ever changing field of media can be easily and thoroughly incorporated into classroom teaching.

The course’s objective is:

  • To cultivate the journalistic research skills through practical tasks, project reports, seminars, workshops, assignments and acquaint students with advanced journalism and media practices.
  • To familiarize students with the need to maintain a balance between conceptual, theoretical and practical aspects of media professions and provide them a critical understanding of the Mass Communication.

To enhance multi-tasking skills required in the Media and convergent environment.