This section gives a virtual overview of our students with Celebrities, Rockband activities and various equipment we use.

Students with celebrities



Welcome to the interactive gallery of NRAI school of mass communication, where you can see the various activities of the school in motion and visual sequence. We take great pride in being one of the top mass communication college in Delhi. It is our constant endeavour to make our students happy and satisfied with the teaching and learning environment that they get in our school.

With an excellent faculty at the student’s disposal at all times of school, we strive to makes learning a mass communication course, a joyful ride for the students. With professionally designed courses and a strict curriculum, we feel confident about our achievements and we take even more pride in presenting to you, our student gallery, which is a constant reminder for us, about the journey we have covered so far and wish to maintain in the coming years. Our students are our greatest strength and with their dedicated hard work and efforts, we feel confident that we shall achieve success in the coming years as well.

This gallery is an explicit reflection of the years of joyride that we have covered with our faculty and students, their efforts and their dedication towards making a name for our school. It is a matter of great success and proud for a school to be recognised in this way by its students and people from the fraternity as well. We wish all our students’ heart felt success and well wishes in the coming years and hope that their journey is as colourful and happy as we see here in these images.

Presenting to you, the journey of NRAI school of mass communication and its lovely students, with whose effort, we have reached this place and fame. Find below the following gallery:

  • Students with celebrities
  • Rock band
  • Equipments