Rock Band


Welcome to the interactive gallery of NRAI school of mass communication, where you can see the various activities of the school in motion and visual sequence. We take great pride in being one of the top mass communication college in Delhi. It is our constant endeavour to make our students happy and satisfied with the teaching and learning environment that they get in our school.

This Rock band page of NRAI school of mass communication is wholly dedicated to the lovely and immensely talented students who have chosen to study at our college. In these premises, we drive innovation through a shift in classroom learning as well as interactive programmes for the students. We strongly believe that every student is blessed with a skill or a talent that he can excel in, provided he is given the opportunity to explore his talent and develop his skills. Through our rock band groups, we allow our students to explore their talent in the field of music and instruments. We host regular programmes and concerts among out students to boost their morale and bring out the best in them.

Many of our students have really interesting campus diaries and experiences to share about our initiative and it gives us a lot of inspiration to do more for our students. With this group, our students also feel motivated and encouraged to excel in a field other than what they are studying about. Time and again, we also invite known celebrities to join us in our celebrations and programmes, who further boost the morale and happiness quotient of our students. With the support of the fraternity and our students, we will always strive to make NRAI, the top school of mass communication in the country and make our lovely students adept at the art.