Among the many top mass communication colleges in India, NRAI School of Mass Communication has earned many accolades and student patronage over the years, to merit standing at the position of top mass communication college in Delhi. There are many distinguishing factors that set this school aside for its performance and excellent track record.

Following is a quick trip of the various equipment’s that are brought to use at NRAI school of mass communication, making it easy for our prospective students to understand how we choose to divulge this course, in a different and innovative manner than many of the other colleges in the country.

For us, mass communication is not just about theoretical learning and grasping of any formulas. We lay efficient reliance on a holistic study of the various aspects of the industry, in such a way that after leaving the college, our students are able to prove themselves seamlessly and efficiently to the outside world. We leave no stone unturned in supplying adequate practical knowledge and training to our students, such that they can have a bright and rewarding career in this field.

We make use of some of the top notch models of cameras and other equipment, to teach the art of mass communication to our students. We make a constant effort to stock up on the latest technology and innovations that are driving the pace of things in the outside world, so that our students can get latest learning and updated knowledge about this field.

As you can see, we are equipped with some of the latest and most happening camera equipment’s and laptops, which we provide for learning purpose to our students. We are sure that with these advanced and up to date equipment’s, our students will be able to get a comprehensive learning.