Student’s Feedback


Here is a comprehensive feedback from some of our students who have studied with us and benefitted from the courses that we taught to them. This feedback will enable many students, who are still debating whether to choose NRAI school of mass communication or not, for their study in the field of mass communication. We would like to tell our students and viewers that the popularity of this college is such that it is referred to as the best mass commination college in Delhi. Rad the excerpt of the feedback from our students Kundan Kumar, Manan Kundia, Mohit Anand and Gamini Kundia, among more.

While many of our students were initially sceptical about the concept of movie making and the curriculum that it covers, we hear them saying that NRAI has usefully paved the way for their knowledge and complete understanding of the course. The efficient faculty introduced them to the course coverage and practical coverage of the course.

We also hear them appreciate the efforts of the faculty and their dedication towards the students and their course. Students are seen feeling very confident about the support from their faculty and their methods of teaching. While many students did not have a clear idea about the concepts of mass communication at the early stages, NRAI has enabled them to understand their aim and decide their path.

Students find immense satisfaction in learning and understanding the concepts of film making and decoding the tricks that make this task successful. With real talent on bench to teach these students, they feel motivated and charged to perform just like them and prove that they are worthy of this course. Right from the type of lenses to be used for movies, to the complexities such as the aperture, the faculty is praised.